South Tampa- Davis Islands Community Information

Davis Island epitomizes all that is beautiful in Florida: white, sandy beaches, wavy palm trees, tropical climate, ocean vistas, stunning sunsets, exotic wildlife and sea creatures, endless recreational opportunities, tourist attractions and beautiful homes. This man-made island is located just off the South Tampa shoreline and is accessible by car via road links similar to the byways that connect the Florida Keys to the mainland. The island's location in the warm waters of Tampa Bay provides residents the peace and tranquility not always found in neighborhoods and communities in Tampa itself. Still, its proximity to the economically thriving and culturally stimulating city of Tampa enables locals to work, play and explore the wonders of this growing metropolis each and every day.

Public and private docks with sail and fishing boats dot the western coastline, which is an ideal launch point for sailors heading out into the bay or the Gulf of Mexico. Homes on the island are magnificent and provide homeowners with breathtaking views of the bay and the city of Tampa. The streets are clean, storefronts have been modernized and the coastal edges are pristine thanks to an aggressive beautification project in the late 1990s.

Nearby Harbour Island is similar to Davis Island in that it provides residents with exceptional coastal living in addition to easy access to the employment, recreation and entertainment opportunities available in South Tampa. Harbour Island sells itself on its exclusivity, its private communities with homes showered in upscale amenities, and its quaint downtown district filled with specialty shops and boutiques unique to the area itself. Together, the Harbour and Davis Islands combine to offer attractive living accommodations for those seeking a resort-like lifestyle in a tropical setting defined by sun-drenched beaches, crystal blue waters, and impeccable homes.

Other communities and subdivisions in the South Tampa area include North Hyde Park, Oscawana, Courier City, Hyde Park North, Old Hyde Park and Historic Hyde Park. Hyde Park is historic because it was the first residential subdivision of South Tampa. Even today, this family-friendly composite of neighborhoods remains predominately a bedroom community. Each of these subdivisions offers affordable housing in attractive neighborhoods filled with tree-lined streets, small parks and public areas, and downtown corridors. Most notably, Old Hyde Park Village consists of more than 50 shops, restaurants and unique eateries in an old world setting. Courier City, on the other hand, is a peaceful town that benefits from its location next to Plant City, the winter strawberry capital of the world. During festivals and other special events in Plant City, some of the finest, most delicious berries, shortcakes and cobblers are available to residents and visitors alike.

Despite the intimate details that make each and every one of these communities unique, the common thread they all share in making them wonderful places to call home is their proximity to the greater Tampa area. With world famous attractions such as the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to the finest in professional sports that includes NASCAR races, PGA Tour events, and football, baseball and hockey games, the city of Tampa is able to excite people of all ages. Additionally, a long list of museums, theatres, performance halls and concert venues populate the city and are complemented by a vast array of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that serve to make any trip into the city a memorable one. With all this and much more, these waterfront subdivisions of South Tampa await those eager to move to this remarkable westward facing region of Central Florida.

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